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by Tiber_DarkZ » 11 months ago
Newsletter of january 7-13
Read all the news about our updates every week!

Weekly newsletter
his is the fifth version of the weekly newsletter. It announces updates to the server and more!

New staff members
We hired some new staff in the last few days. I would like you to meet:
SR Admin - Soepkip42
Builder - Chshire
Helper - prodennis4560
Helper - LordDavid007

Updates on the hub
With the hiring of the new Builder comes new build. As im typing this he is working on the new portals and decorating the island. If you like his work let him know, it will motivate him.

Updates on prison
Prison is being worked on hard, but it will take some time because we are adding an original twist to the server.
Cant tell you guys too mutch tho!

New players
In the last few days we gained some new people on our server and we want to welcome them.
So as a gift to all our new players we will have a sale of 25% on our webstore if you use the code

This has been Pixel news for the week of Monday 7 of januari till the 13 of januari.

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