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IGN: Tiber_DarkZ
by Tiber_DarkZ » 11 months ago
Newsletter of january 14-20
Read all the news about our updates every week!

Weekly newsletter
This is the 6th version of the weekly newsletter. It announces updates to the server and more!

New survival spawn
As of this day, their is a completly renewed survival spawn. I would say that all of us worked harded, but all credit goes to our builder Cheshire, and our owner rboy237. They did an amazing job in visualizing what i had in mind.

Updates on prison
Prison has not been worked on for a few days because of personal problems with some of the staff members working on the project. As of today, that project will be started again.

Last day of the sale
Their was a coupon code waiting for all of you, but sadly no one found it. The coupon code was found in last weeks newsletter and gave you 25% off all purchases. Today is the last day before it expires!

This has been Pixel news for the week of Monday 14 of januari till the 20 of januari.