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IGN: Tiber_DarkZ
by Tiber_DarkZ » 9 months ago

Today we launched the official format for the website. We tested alot of the aspect and are happy to tell you how this is going to work!
You can register for an account with your Minecraft username here: http://www.pixelcafe.eu/register/

On the website we have a few tabs. Im here to explain all of them:
The place where we announce updates straight from this subforum! (Like this message)

   * News and Information
           This is pretty straightforward. Its the section for staff to update the community.
   * Community
           This is mainly your little part of the forum. The options on this forum are limitless, aslong as they follow our guidelines!
   * Support
           This is where staff and community come together. This is where we report bugs, ask for unbans, or ask questions!

This is the page for FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). This basicly answers the questions we heared a 1000 times!

This button is linked to our old website [buy.pixelcafe.eu] and its the place where we still sell our stuff from this day!

Staff Applications
If you ever want to be a staff member on the Pixel Cafe then this is your button! Read it carefully and apply for staff!

Ban History
This is another button that takes you to a completly new website. We hooked up our website with LiteBans and can now show you who was banned/muted/kicked and why!

I hope this little guide makes it a little clearer what we want to achieve with our website. If however you still have questions you can always take it up with our support team by sending an email to support@pixelcafe.eu

Thanks for reading. Stay safe out their!